Soil Water Trap
It is an easy to use, superb water absorber (can absorb water up to 600 times its volume) soil additive. It is a polymer manufactured especially for frequently irrigated and...
Flame-proof and Fireproofing Solution
fireproof solution surrounds the molecules of the applied material and disables the contact with oxygen. Thanks to active substances contained
Throwaway Fire Extinguisher
A superior product developed for extinguishing Class A, B and C fires faster, safer and more effectively at the beginning. The only thing the user needs to do is throwing our...
Welding Paste
ISO-FIX WELDING PASTE is a strong adhesive paste that provides a quick solution for all kinds of repairs on wet or dry surfaces. It is effective in sealing cracks and holes, stopping leaks, repairing all kinds of superficial damage, and bonding similar and dissimilar components with each other. After application, the fully cured material can be drilled, sanded, and painted without primer. It provides superior adherence to materials such as metal, wood, marble, ceramic, glass, hard plastic, brick, concrete, etc.
Dirt Repellent Solution
It provides long-term cleaning and protection on all kinds of porous and absorbent surfaces on which it is applied, thanks to its high dirt-holding resistance. ISONEM ANTI-STAIN is water-based, one - component, and transparent. It does not spoil the appearance of the surface with its structure that does not form a film on the surface it is applied to. Dirt particles cannot adhere to the facade surface and the surface is easily cleaned of dirt with water, especially effortlessly with rainwater. It is applied indoors and outdoors in a short time, is not affected by UV rays, is economical and long-lasting. For ISONEM ANTI - STAIN, which can be applied to any painted or unpainted surface, vertical and horizontal, only the surface needs to be absorbent