THROWAWAY FIRE EXTINGUISHER, A high-grade product developed for extinguishing fires of classes A, B, and C (European Classes) on the purpose of faster, safer and more effectively than its beginning. The only thing the user needs to do is throwing our product into the fire. When ISONEM ANTI MOLOTOV, which is in a special plastic package, is thrown into the fire, the plastic container breaks and extinguishes the fire immediately. It is a liquid extinguishing agent and when thrown into the fire, it releases into the atmosphere. The heat of fire evaporates the extinguishing agent and a chemical reaction starts. By releasing a large amount of carbon dioxide, it chokes the fire, cuts its contact with oxygen and thus extinguishes the fire. In addition, the chemical reaction introduces a cooling agent. In addition, the chemical reaction introduces a cooling agent and this reduces the temperature of the burning material and thus other chemical foams step in and prevent the materials in the area from re-flaring.


  • Shelf life of 5 years, do not need any maintenance
  • No annual inspection or refilling
  • Easy operation; just THROW it, no difficulty, suitable for all ages
  • Very light (850 g).
  • Suitable for A, B, C type flames.
  • Portable, no need to approach the fire.
  • It is rescue & evacuation tool.
  • Does not release too much smoke and does not block the escape area.
  • It is environmentally friendly, does not contain toxic substances.
  • Fast discharging: 1-5 seconds
  • Easily thrown into the fire and breaks down itself to extinguish the fire.
  • Does not require cleaning after use, no maintenance required.


Content: Water based
Density (25°C, g/mL): 1.07 – 1.17
pH (25°C): 8.0 – 8.9
Solvent: Water 
Extinguishing Capacity: 8 - 10 m² (Class A)
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ISONEM Anti Molotov Throw Type Fire Extinguisher​ Presentation Film
· Ideal use areas are closed and open areas.
· It can be used for any initial fires.
· It is a fire extinguisher which is very suitable for ships, houses, schools, vehicles and military facilities, gas stations, factories. 

SHELF LIFE: 5 years

STORAGE CONDITIONS: Store in a dry and cool place.


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