300% Elastic Waterproofing
is a pure polymer produced using the latest technology and has excellent properties. It is ready to use, UV resistant, glossy, elastic structure.
Special Mineral Filled Waterproofing
It is a highly resistant insulating coating with strong adhesion, excellent water resistance and UV resistance, consisting of a special mineral filler and polymer components.
DF 9
Acrylic Based Wet Room Waterproofing
it is an elastomeric resin based, solvent free, one component acrylic polymer based waterproofing material
Sealing Elastic Filler
It is a polymer-based mastic which have feature high filler and bridging. It is highly resistant U.V., sun, and weather, is elastic
MS 80
Transparent Waterproofing Liquid For Exterior Surfaces
It is a siloxane-based transparent insulation product that makes surfaces applied water-impermeable preserving its naturalness, not deform its appearance and texture without forming a film
M 35
Super Crystallized Waterproofing Mortar
Super Crystallized Waterproofing Mortar It is a single component cement-based super crystalline waterproofing product. It provides insulation deeply by way of applying to concrete surfaces from both negative and positive sides
M 36
Water Plug, Rapid Setting Mortar
It is the shock setting mortar that is ready to use, instantly freezing water. When it comes into contact with water, it blocks water by setting in 40 seconds.
MS 20
Capillary Plaster
Capillary Plaster ISONEM MS 20 is a specially produced plaster to ensure the treatment of humid and salt damaged walls. The walls absorb the water involving various salts such...
MD 28
Flexible Waterproofing Compound
Cement-based, two-component, crack bridging capacity and walkable an insulating product having high abrasion resistance. It is applied by brush, has high elasticity. It closes the capillary and shrinkage cracks on the applied surface.
Transparent Floor Waterproofing That Does Not Disturb The Natural Image
Transparent Floor Insulation “Non Film Formation” This product applies insulation without the formation of the film on the surface applied, with full impregnation on the floors...
M 03
Waterproof Elasti̇c Repai̇r Mortar
It is a cement-based repair mortar with high elasticity, tightness, adhesion strength and not cracking. It is modified with polymer and fiber additives
Adherence Enhancer
Adherence Enhancer, It is a liquid that is applied by adding to the mortar or applying to the surface in the application of concrete, plaster, screed, cement-based insulation or ceramic
Liquid Polia Waterproofing
ISONEM MS POLIA is a polymer with excellent properties produced in the latest technology. It is ready to use, water-based, polymer-based, UV resistant and elastic structure.
Transparent Power
ISONEM L is a water-based pure acrylic new generation transparent waterproofing with excellent adhesion to all surfaces.
BE 89
Liquid Rubber Membrane
ISONEM BE 89 is a 700% elastic liquid bitumen, rubber modified coating. After drying, it forms a waterproof coating on applied surfaces. High elasticity and crack hiding property. Suitable for insulations of old or new roofs and use under the ground, but not affected by underground waters. It strongly adheres to dry or slightly moist surfaces. It does not swell or peel off over time. Resistant to the plant roots. Also suitable for use in garden & terraces.